What’s Your T-Shirt Style?

It’s imprinted t-shirt season again, the season where companies and groups of all sizes will be placing their logos and advertising messages on t-shirts for high visibility.  Groups in every industry are buying promotional t-shirts for spring and summer activities.

Schools are buying custom printed t-shirts for bands, sport teams, and summer camps.  Companies are purchasing t-shirts for seasonal safety and motivational programs.  Individuals are buying custom t-shirts for church activities and family reunions.  As a group buyer, do you know if your group prefers trendy or classic, crew neck or v-neck, ribbed cotton or cotton jersey, sporty or casual?  Maybe your group would prefer a variety of styles to choose from.

Imprinted t-shirts aren’t limited to the one size fits all styles of the past.  There are lots of options for style, color, and fabrics to make shirts more durable, functional and stylish as ever.  If there is such a thing as a t-shirt personality we’d like to explore it a little and provide information on the styling options available.

When we think of a typical t-shirt it includes the relaxed and loose fitting shirts that we know and love.  The relaxed style has universal appeal and is worn by men, women, children and infants as well.  Standard shirts can include decorations like contrast stitching or feature raglan sleeves and ringer detailing to make them unique.

Raglan shirts (example below) are designed with the shirt body in one color and the inset sleeves in another contrasting or complimentary color.  Ringer styles have a body that is one color with the neck and sleeve trim in a different or complementary color.  These relaxed styles fall free from the body and allow extra ease of movement and more room, making them great for sports and outdoor activities like picnics and festivals.

There’s a growing trend in t-shirt styling that appeals to a different, sometimes overlooked audience.  That audience includes women who want t-shirts that reflect their personal styles and the styles of other clothes in their wardrobe.  It’s not that they no longer like the boxier, relaxed look of the typical t-shirt, but they want some additional options. Because of this growing trend, many companies are making trendier shirt styles available for logos and imprints.  These styles include fashion tees, and shirts that provide a more fitted body style with sleeves and fabrics that reflect current retail fashions.

Fashion t-shirts are found in most junior’s and ladies lines and follow the body closely for a snug fit.  They are cut shorter in the body and sleeve length (cap sleeves are common) and appeal to a fashion conscious audience in general.  Classic shirts loosely follow the shape of the body and allow for movement and are found in men’s and women’s lines.

Sleeve length is often influenced by season, temperature and activity.  Options include short sleeves, tanks, long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and cami-straps. And don’t forget neck styles, like henley, crew neck, scoop neck, v-neck; and  and the list goes on.  These styles are usually combined with fabrics and colors to create shirts that appeal to a people of all sizes and ages.

Shirts in poly/cotton or jersey fabrics work well for those that want reduced shrinkage, improved color retention, and reduced wrinkling. These fabrics are great when durability is important.

Color options include standard, solid shirts that provide a consistent, uniform look.  Tie-dyed shirts provide a bright, younger, nostalgic look.  Another popular trend is toward the vintage look that uses garment and pigment dyes, that provide a lived in, casual look.  Shirts in neon colors (mostly green, orange and yellow) are popular with groups promoting safety.

Style, fabric, and color features and trends in the consumer market provide many options when we shop on an individual basis.  Many of us want some of those same options when we receive gifts from the companies we have relationships with.  So the next time you’re shopping for imprinted shirts, think about the group you’re buying for and ask yourself, what’s your group’s t-shirt style? Visit us online to see our current selection of classic and fashion styles.

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