Time to Plan for Spring and Summer Fundraisers!

Spring and summer sporting events will begin soon for little leagues, elementary, high school and college teams.  Concession stands at sporting events and team sales Jersey Can Coolerconducted  throughout the year are an excellent way to raise money for equipment, uniforms, awards, trips and other items for the team.

Theme shaped bottle coolies like the ones below, are perfect for school fundraisers, tailgate parties and more! These items are keepsakes that have a special meaning to the school, team and local community, to promote school and team spirit. This will make the items easy to sell.   When these coolies are paired with t-shirts and other custom printed team gear, it presents and even greater potential to reach even higher goals.  Everyone uses custom team gear and we have several items that are available in classic  and novelty shapes like sneakers and the baseball jersey shown here.  A fundraiser can support the team with an imprint that includes the team mascot, name and other important message (for example a game schedule) on the back.

These high quality coolers are made of 1/8′ thick high density open cell scuba foam and they fits most long neck bottles. They are available in a 23 colors including green and tan camouflage.

jersey bottle coolies

Custom Jersey Bottle Coolies


There are many soda and natural drinks available in retro long neck bottles. So they make perfect fundraisers and back to school gifts for students, parents and faculty. A two sided imprint is available allowing PTA groups, booster clubs and other school and team groups can to have the cooler printed with the mascot/logo on one side and the football schedule printed on the other. A one color imprint is included in the pricing, on one or both sides.

Visit our site to obtain ideas from these stock designs: Baseball Jersey, Football Jersey, Hockey Jersey, Karate, Hospital Scrubs, Doctor, Leprechaun, Tuxedo, Santa, Party Girl, Camouflage, Hawaiian Shirt, Leather Jacket, Police, Golfer, Cowboy/Western, Create Your Own.

Can Coolers That Sport Your Custom Imprint

A free imprint is available on the other side of the coolie. We suggest printing a one color logo, mascot, or message on one side and an event schedule on the other side. Perfect not only for fundraising, but also for reunions, healthcare, celebrations, schools, teams and sports enthusiasts.

Contact us for fundraising ideas, and specifics on how you can easily raise money without an initial investment. We help schools and organizations of all sizes raise money. With budget cuts, and other limits on spending, these fundraisers present an excellent way to obtain needed items.