Fall Festivals and Football Season are Here… Is Your Business Ready?

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Is your business ready for Fall events?

It’s time (at least on the east coast) for long sleeves, blankets, crisp, cooler days and turning leaves.  It’s also a very happy time of year… for fall festivals, craft shows, trick or treat and football and other team sports.

What do festivals, craft shows, Halloween and sporting events have in common? Refreshments, teamwork, games and prizes. Fall events and activities are focused on bring groups of people together.  Families will gather more during the period between now and the end of the year than during any other time of the year.  Is your business ready?

If your company is looking for ways to gain easy exposure, think about how you can make the most of these events.  Between now and the end of the year there will be many opportunities to present your products and services.

Think of your customers, and where they like to hang out. What games, festivals, fundraising walks, occasions, and other activities will they participate in this year.  Will your company be represented at these events? Gatherings are great opportunities for your business, so lets look at a few ways to expose your advertising message.

  1. Fundraising. If your organization is running a concession stand or providing refreshments for one of these events, why not purchase cups, bags, t-shirts, blankets and other items that can be used for fundraising.  For sporting events, what fan wouldn’t want an item with the name of their school and mascot to take home after the game? Are you selling popcorn, fountain drinks, coffee or hot chocolate?
    custom printed megaphones

    Custom Megaphones Make Great Souvenirs

    Custom stadium cups, hot/cold beverage cups and sleeves, stuffed animals, rah phones (megaphones), can/bottle coolers make great souvenirs and serve well for fundraising.  For example, megaphones turned upside down are great popcorn containers and come with lids as well.  Plastic stadium cups serve well as souvenir cups.  If you’re already selling refreshments, why not take it to the next level?  Offer free refills when fans buy the souvenir item (like a cup) and sell even more

  2. Sponsor an Event. If your community has a sports team, upcoming festival or craft event, why not partner with your favorite group or cause to sponsor the event? Donating useful items with the name of the event or your favorite group or charity along with your company name and contact information will give your company exposure and be will greatly appreciated in the community. Contact the group you’re interested in helping to see what items are most needed and what their requirements are for donations.  Some groups may require that you include their logo on items, and some may not.  Make sure the organization you’re interested in will take the items and that you offer is viewed as a mutually beneficial exchange.

    Pump up Concession Sales!

    The emphasis should always be in helping an organization in meeting it’s goals.  Items like cups, personal grooming items, blankets, mugs, and other items related to the event can be donated, helping the organization and providing positive exposure for your company.

  3. Co-Op Advertising.  Team up with another company in your area (one that compliments yours) to advertise at these events and save even more while gaining exposure.  You could for example share the cost of printing and distributing promotional items during an event.  Make sure to reach an agreement  with key decision makers on how the advertising will look and how the items will be distributed, as well as who will be responsible for what before you have items printed.

  4. Motivate and Reward. Plaques, awards, and gift items are great ways to motivate teams, recognize and say thank you to employees, volunteers, customers and others who contribute to your success.  If you’re on a tight budget, make a list that contains employees, volunteers, customers, suppliers, prospects and other important groups.  Prioritize your lists and pick times during the year that you can say thank you to these groups.Timing is everything, so figure out the best time or times each year to recognize these groups.  Check with us throughout the year for ideas deals and items in our Windjammer catalog that will be useful and appreciated.  There are also custom items that can be combined with other items or used alone that make wonderful raffle items and prizes. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity.

There are just a few ideas but there are many more that will fit your needs.   As fall approaches and people are supporting their favorite teams, participating in walks and other awareness events, getting ready for the holidays and enjoying the changing seasons, there are many ways to spread the word and build your brand without the hard sell.  Make use of these opportunities with the “silent salesmen” that work, even when you’re not around.