The Biggest Business Challenge of 2015

The biggest business challenge for any firm, is understanding the importance of marketing and learning how to do it effectively.Most business owners know first hand that starting and growing a business takes hard work and persistence.  So much goes into making your business the absolute best.

Unfortunately, the world won’t beat a path to your door just because you have recreated a better wheel, launched next best product line or written a great eBook. Even more work should go into telling the world who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. The biggest business challenge for any firm, is understanding the importance of marketing and learning how to do it effectively.  To obtain and keep customers, you will have to market your products or services effectively and continually.

It’s important to have a marketing strategy that will keep your company name front and center with your target audience. Industry research has shown that custom apparel is effective in helping companies in all industries with brand identity, promoting goodwill, name recognition and more.

Placing your logo on custom apparel (along with social media, email campaigns, in person demonstrations, direct mail and other forms of advertising) is a tried and true method commonly used by Fortune 500 companies to introduce and promote new products, business and social events, and a number of milestones.  Using this method allows your company to compete in the same arena with companies that are larger in size and budget.  It gives you a well polished, professional look, and the ability to gain an advantage over your competition.

There was a time when designing and buying custom apparel was intimidating to say the least. Because of all the artwork requirements and large minimum order requirements, smaller companies needed a graphic designer on staff  and a larger budget to submit a custom apparel order.

Now, with our Design Studio, you can create your imprint online, review it, change apparel styles and colors and obtain a quote, all before submitting your order.  If you need help, contact us and we will create a design and send it to your team for approval.  Best of all there are low minimums and affordable prices to make buying custom apparel as easy as buying other non imprinted apparel.  There is no reason a smaller company can’t compete with larger firms by placing their logos on casual and corporate apparel.