Reasons to Consider Quality Over Price When Buying Custom Apparel

In an age when technology has made it convenient to comparison shop for the lowest price.  Companies have reduced spending, and at first glance the perception is that you should ignore the concept of quality over price and that buying “cheap tees” is definitely in order.

However when I tried to think of a practical business reason for using for a low quality t-shirt, I wasn’t able to think of anything productive.  And when I really thought about it, I realized that a thriving, growing business should avoid the temptation to by cheap or low value apparel, for the sake of their business.

The first area of concern is that your business image may never recover if you hand key customers and prospects a cheap tee.  Your employees may feel slighted if you give them cheap tees. You cant fool customers customers can locate a cheap tee a mile away, which is also something to consider.

Looking back at some of the conversations I’ve had with business owners it’s clear that there is fear and frustration over the whole bulk buying process.  In some cases, there is no one assigned to the role of procurement specialist who knows how to navigate the buying process.  There’s just a manager or owner who needs a number of shirts for an event.  The need to find a cheap tee is based on the fear that the cost will exceed the available budget.  Thus the perception that a cheap tee is needed at rock bottom prices to make it more affordable.

The first thing to note is that a smaller budget doesn’t automatically translate to “cheap” or low value if you are working with the right sales team.  In the short run, the cost may be low to get the shirt home, but in the long run the cost will be high for the recipients of the low value shirts and your business.  In the long run, if the tendency is reversed and the goal becomes quality over price, your business will benefit in many ways.  It’s best to strike a balance and weigh a number of factors like quality, durability and comfort.

Striking a balance between these important factors requires research on the wide variety of styles, fabrics and features available in apparel and other items that may appeal to your target audience.  The other thing to consider is working with a team that will work to understand your needs.

Our knowledgeable sales team has access to a number of resources and suppliers who offer a wide range of name brand items.  There are items in all price ranges that will fit most any budget.  Contact us today to discuss your project for a free no obligation quote.