Raise Money with Family Calendars

Calendars for Fundraising

Calendars for Fundraising

If you’re having a reunion and you’re looking for a fundraiser that’s sure to be a hit look no further.  Take pictures from last year’s reunion and put them on a calendar for 2010. Sell the calendars on your reunion website or create a brochure or flyer to distribute to family members to raise money for next year’s reunion.

Make sure to research companies and get the best pricing for printing your calendars.  Make sure you have the option of printing the exact number of calendars needed whether it’s one calendar or 100, as orders are received.  Or you can order one calendar as a sample to show and post on your website.  You can then  set a time frame for taking orders and send in a  bulk order to take advantage of quantity discounts.  Many of the photo sharing and photo processing websites allow you to upload your photos, arrange and place them on calendars, mugs and other gift items.  For example, here are a few companies that have this service.

Shutterfly, Kodak and  Multiply are sites that allow users to arrange a single digital photo or multiple digital images in a collage layout for each month.  You can also add personalized dates—like birthdays, vacations and anniversaries—to your photo calendar.

You can also customize your photo calendars with holidays, from Mother’s Day to Summer Solstice.  What happens if you get a ton of photos and need to arrange photo collages? If you need a company to make photo collages and optimize your photos for the calendar? Check here for help with photo enhancements and collages.

Themed photo books, cards and stationary are also the perfect way to capture and maintain memories for your reunion snapshots and memories. For other customized items in bulk like t-shirts, mugs, and buttons, contact us for your next event.