Power Deals You Can’t Afford to Miss

tradeshow, meeting, conferenceHere is the perfect solution if you’re looking for quality promotional products for your next event. We’ve added Power Deals as a post that will announce updates to help readers keep up with the latest.

Its a great resource that you can use to save today on promotional items and custom office supplies for your business.

If you have upcoming trade shows, conferences, training workshops, reunions, marketing campaigns, events, celebrations, company or product announcements in the near future, please contact us. We will be glad to help you find the perfect promotional item.

The catalog has links to our blog and website, for example the t-shirts have direct links to the product pages on our.site.  When you find something you like, just click on the arrow hyperlink and you will be taken to our contact page that will allow you to send a request for more information.

power_dealsOne Note About Deadlines:

Please keep in mind that these are time sensitive offers. So a good rule of thumb is to place your orders at least a week (5 business days) before the deadline to make sure it is processed in time to receive sale pricing.

Set up Charges:

These are the charges for setting up the equipment to create your custom imprint, for personnel, ink, supplies and other materials.  These costs are based on the number of imprint colors, and the number of imprint locations (front, back, sleeve, left chest etc.). We will factor in the set up cost with any quote requests. They are also factored in on the T-Shirt Designer Tool located on our website. Contact us with any questions. .