Take a Page from the Retail Playbook with Holidays and Popular Observances

allthatsmissing.jpgIf you’re struggling (now or at specific times during the year) for a reason to reach out to customers,  take a page from the retail playbook.  Use holidays and popular observances as a theme for your marketing campaigns! Use these important dates to spark your creativity and give a boost to your social media posts, articles and customer communications.

These dates can be easily incorporated into your marketing and social media schedules.  You can launch a major campaign during specific times of the year, or you can do something smaller in scale each month.  The only limit is your creativity and budget and the point is to pick something that will allow your company to make an impact in a positive, meaningful way.

Ideas include creating a marketing campaign around your theme, sponsoring an event, donating time and resources to a worthy cause, or sending a communication that highlights a message that’s important to your audience.  Use custom apparel and gifts as part of your campaigns, to leave a lasting impression.

Here are the November observances…

Election Day – November 5
Veteran’s Day – November 11
Thanksgiving –  November 28
Black Friday – November 29
Cyber Monday – December 1
American Diabetes Month
National Family Caregiver’s Month
National Home Care Month
Prematurity Awareness Month
Native American Heritage Month
National Hospice Month
If there is an observance that you would like to add, please let us know.