Make the Grade with the Best Youth Sports Fundraisers

The end of school marks the beginning of summer team activities for youth, including youth sports fundraisers, camps and more!  Teams will enjoy summer sports and parents will be working on fundraising ideas.  This presents opportunities for local businesses who want additional exposure and activity in local communities.  Companies of all sizes will sponsor teams and events by purchasing advertising in programs, and it’s very common for them to place ads on custom apparel and give away items. Parents will work concession stands and they are looking for ways to raise money to support the team.

Athletic departments often hold youth sports fundraisers to cover the enormous costs associated with their teams. Youth sports fundraisers can be fun for the whole community, engaging parents, local businesses and team members.  Fundraisers run the gamut from simple projects like t-shirt sales to large events like basketball tournaments.  Regardless of the age of the players or the size of the fundraiser, the keys to success are proper planning and execution, as well as maximizing participation from supporters.

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Make a Home Run with Summer Uniforms!

Summer camps are an excellent way for teams to raise money and they offer opportunities for athletes to hone their skills during the summer months.  They have become more popular in recent years, as participation in sports at all levels has become more competitive.  If possible, having an alumni or another athlete appear who has a reputation of accomplishment in college or the pros can bring added value to your camp, resulting in more participation and higher fees.  There are basically two markets for camps: young kids looking for summer activities and who need instruction on the basics of the game; and high school and young college players looking to fine-tune their skills.  It is important for camp organizers to tailor the instruction to best serve these groups. Use the tips below for ways to enhance your events with custom printed items.

No matter which group you are targeting here are a couple of ways to use custom apparel and promotional items for sports fundraising:
  1. T-Shirt Fundraisers – T-shirts, jerseys and other promotional items can be purchased at low prices and sold during summer events.  These events can help to fund equipment purchases, trips, and other team activities that may not be possible due to limited budgets and cuts that many schools are experiencing for sports programs. Browse our selection of custom youth apparel, perfect for summer athletics and cheerleading.
  2. Fan Items for concessions, tournament and game sales – Maximize participation from supporters and increase your fan base by offering custom give away items.  Make it easy for parents, business sponsors, organizations and the general public to support the team by purchasing custom coolers, t-shirts, duffel bags, backpacks  and headwear. Place your team logo, schedules and more on these items for increased exposure.
  3. A great time to offer these fundraisers is year round, for each sport.  It provides opportunities for local businesses and schools to work together to provide support.

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