January is Get Organized Month: Help Customers De-Clutter

The amount of information available continues to grow at a rapid pace, as do the number of demands on our time. Most people don’t take time to develop organization systems or procedures that help them stay organized, even though it can make life a lot easier.  It’s a given that organized people are better at saving time and money… and they have a reduced level of stress and frustration in their lives.

January is Get Organized Month and National Clean up Your Computer Month.  We thought it was a great time to write about both topics since they are related to organization.  January is the month where we typically set goals, reflect on the previous year and think about making things better. Use these observances to help your customers focus on renewal, organization, and de-cluttering their home offices which will help on so many levels.

It’s an excellent time to create a promotion that encourages customers to clean out, donate, organize and de-clutter.  Cleaning out and de-cluttering involves deciding what to keep and what is no longer serving a purpose.  The next step involves donating what is no longer needed or wanted and giving things that are gently used to consignment or to organizations that will sell them at a reduced price or provide them for free to those who are less fortunate.

You don’t have to be a planner or in the home improvement or organization business to provide information and tips on getting organized.  Helpful information is always welcome, so determine how to offer helpful information to your customers and it will be appreciated. Organization usually makes everyone feel better once the task is complete.  And most everyone has at least one room in their home or office that can use some tidying up.

National Clean Up Your Computer Month focuses on getting rid of programs you no longer need or use, installing updates and patches and updating anti-virus programs; cleaning off screens and in between keys and otherwise blowing out the dust.  There are excellent opportunities to reach out to your customers.  Offer customers items that will help with getting things done.  Whether it’s a handout brochure with organizing tips, imprinted flash drives for backing up important files, magnets, calendars, whiteboards and pads with organizing checklists, measurements, schedules etc.

Looking for a place besides the kitchen refrigerator to hang the kid’s pictures? Here is a cute little organizer that handles five pictures at once. It makes it easy for kid’s and parents to place new works of art in a snap. Older pictures can be placed in back until they are ready for archiving.

Promotional items and custom apparel are great items to leave behind when they contain reminders, tips and important numbers.  This is an excellent time to help your customers stay focused and organized. Find the perfect custom apparel and promotional items for your next marketing campaign by visiting us today.