Is Anyone Wearing Your Logo?

Apparel displaying your logo also helps your company make a connection with people who need your products and services right away.If no one is wearing your logo, you’re missing prime opportunities. Custom t-shirts, custom fleece, and corporate apparel does double duty, providing style and comfort for recipients while promoting your company, event, product or service. Apparel displaying your logo also helps your company make a connection with people who need your products and services right away.

Potential customers who are passing by will see your logo, slogan, and contact information and will consider you if they are looking for what you offer.  If you display your website on your apparel, it enables potential customers to pay you a visit online to learn more about your company. If they like what they see, and they’re aware of a friend of family member that needs your services they may give you a recommendation.

You’re also missing opportunities to establish a brand identity. Branding works behind the scenes to convey your image (including your logo, marketing materials, colors, and style) and your reputation to the public. Capture the personality of your firm with custom apparel that works in conjunction with other marketing materials to establish your brand.

Seeing your logo on a regular basis helps customers associate your company with the positive experiences they’ve had when interacting with you. When potential customers automatically make a positive connection between your company and their needs, they will likely seek you out.

Our work involves helping you find the best apparel and gifts for your budget, and and placing your logo, website and advertising message in the places where you customers live, work and play.  Custom apparel works in these areas, in so many ways, to help you spread the word.

With our Design Studio, you can create your design online, review it, change apparel styles and colors and obtain a quote, all before submitting your order.  Best of all there are low minimums and affordable prices to make buying custom apparel as easy as buying other non imprinted apparel.  There is no reason a smaller company can’t compete with larger firms by placing their logos on casual and corporate apparel.

Marketing Tip

A well planned campaign that includes t-shirts, fleece and corporate apparel will go a long way, especially when combined with social media, trade shows and other marketing methods ensure that your message reaches your intended audience.

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