Ideas for SWAG (Stuff We All Get)

powerstickHave you ever heard of SWAG, otherwise known as Stuff We All Get?  If you’ve received items that are branded with a logo, you’ve received SWAG.  If you’ve planned an event, had a sales meeting or hosted training you have probably ordered something to give away… a gift, giveaway or keepsake to show your appreciation for those in attendance.

We found a few examples in a recent article written by BizBash where several members of their team shared some ideas about useful items they have received. From sneakers to portable speakers, BizBash editors  share the event swag that’s been surprisingly handy. They shared some of the ideas from the group in a series of articles. The first editor in our pick  —Mitra Sorrells, associate editor and Orlando bureau chief shares:

“A PowerStick portable charger that I got at Mashable Connect. It’s a small, convenient secondary power source that comes with several adapters.

Of course we love branded SWAG because it leaves a long lasting impression on recipients.  This in turn helps companies grow with name recognition, referrals and marketing exposure that they may not receive without a little help from these wonderful items.  When items like the PowerStick are given that are handy and useful for the recipient, the item remains in the home and/or office with them long after the event is over extending the life of the brand.

The portable charger is practical and used regularly by the editor… Each time the item is used, it does one of two things. It reinforces the brand in the mind of the recipient and those around them. It also makes the person feel good about the brand that gave them the item as in more likely to do business with the brand over others.  Keep in mind that all SWAG is not branded with a logo. Examples of non branded items in the BizBash article highlights items like sneakers that are not considered promotional items.

So the goal in giving out stuff we all get, is to make it memorable and useful to your guests so that it will be with them long after the event, to remind them about the great time they had.