How to Order Custom Shirts for Your Group

buying shirts for every member of your group

Challenge: Finding a shirt that looks great on all the body types and sizes for every member in your group.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can order custom shirts with confidence once they have answered a few simple questions.

If you’re tasked with finding a shirt that has the durability and preferences wanted by an entire group, you want to make this as painless as possible. This article will help you find the right styles and sizes in no time.

Where Should You Start?

The best approach is to start with one question… What features are most important to your group?  Take a look at the chart below for some ideas on popular features to consider. Next, what will the shirts be used for?  An event, company uniforms, a trip, volunteering for a specific project?  What is the theme or tone that you want to convey when your team wears the shirts?











¾ Sleeve

Solid Colors






Tank Sleeves

Tie Dyed



Button Down



Cap Sleeves

Garment Dyed




Moisture Mgmt.


Long Sleeves

Pigment Dyed













Racer Back

Color Block


Adult S-XL





Adult XS




Remember your team will be representing your organization.  If you buy shirts that no one likes, if they are uncomfortable, flimsy or a hassle to launder, they will reflect indirectly on the quality of your efforts, offering, products and services.  While you should be budget conscious, it’s best to locate quality shirts that will look good, while representing your brand in the best way. The best bet is to find stylish shirts that are easy, durable and affordable to maintain.

Here are some options to help you obtain the correct sizes and styles.

  • Flyer/Website Option:  Choose 2-3 related shirts (the same brand, in the same or complimentary colors), in various styles.  Create a flyer (or place the shirts on your website) with pictures of the shirts and size dimensions given by the brand.Post the flyer on a board or on your website or distribute it to members via email (or snail mail if needed).  Give group members a deadline to pick the style and size they want to order.

    If you group is not in the same city, allowing them to enter the sizes and styles wanted online will save time and allow for easy tabulation of orders.  Group members can take their own size measurements and compare them to the dimensions on the flyer to order their size.

    Are You Ordering for a Reunion? We created a generic order form to help organize size information for your reunion. Customize this [ddownload id=”4515″ style=”link” text=”Sample Reunion Order Form”] to quickly obtain sizes and payment information for each family member.

    This form can be modified with your information and provided with the flyer or placed on your website to allow members to select the shirt styles that they prefer. Here are 8 Things to Consider When Buying Shirts for Your Reunion.

  • Dressing Room Option: Choose a few shirt styles (to fit most everyone’s body type) in a range of sizes. Order blank samples that can be used to allow team members to try on the shirts and select the sizes and styles they want.  This option will take more time to implement (and require a private space to try on shirts) but it will provide accurate and true sizes while allowing members to select style that looks and feels comfortable for their body type.
  • Voting Option: Choose a few shirts with the features that are most important and create a flyer that shows a picture of the shirts with the size dimensions.  Email or mail the flyer to group members, or place it on the internet to allow for voting.  Allow members to vote on one style for the group. The shirt with the most votes wins.  Allowing the group to vote gives them the ability to be part of the decision making process.  This option also needs to allow additional time for voting.  Once the shirt selection is announced, there will need to be a way to obtain the sizes wanted from each member.
  • Executive Decision: If you have limited time, choose several shirts and have leaders participate in shirt selection. Or make an executive decision and choose the shirt that you feel will work best based on what you want for your organization.  Work with your leadership to obtain the sizes for each member.

How About an Annual T-Shirt Measurement Day?

How to Order Custom Shirts for Your Group When You're Not Sure of Preferences

How to order custom shirts for a group with different body types and preferences.

If you’re buying for employees or a group with regular meeting times, eliminate the last minute, frantic search for t-shirt sizes, by having an annual measurement day.  This is beneficial on so many levels, specially if your organization buys shirts shirts on a regular basis.  You might want to consider having an annual measurement day and keeping size information on file.  This makes it a lot easier when you need to place an order or make an update.

When new group members join the organization, create a form for them to provide their size information. Make sure to let them know  the information will be used to purchase shirts and that it will be maintained securely.

Sizes Can Be Tricky

Keep in mind that most brands publish size measurements for their shirts. If you don’t see a spec sheet or measurements with the product details, please request it from us.  This means that brands (like Hanes, Jerzees, Enza, Bella +Canvas, etc) may differ on small, medium or large sizes. So check those published sizes to make sure you have the best fit.

For this reason, it’s best to have shirt measurements in addition to the sizes when ordering.  For an exact size, measure member’s chest, waist and shirt length from shoulder to hip.  Depending on the size of your group, consider arming several volunteers with measuring tapes and the size forms mentioned above to help in quickly obtaining the sizes during measurement day.

Visit our site to find shirts for every occasion, with popular features and sizes for men, women, plus, tall, youth, toddlers and infants.  Each shirt has size specifications, related shirts and alternative shirts to help with your selection.

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