Halloween Planning: Business Building Alternatives to Trick or Treating

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In recent years neighborhoods have gone through a state of transition due to the economy and other factors.  It’s not uncommon to be new to a neighborhood or not be fully acquainted with all of your neighbors.  When Halloween rolls around and it’s time for Trick or Treating, parents  can feel a little nervous when it comes to taking their children door to door to collect treats in unfamiliar territory. If the kids make it out for Trick or Treat, parents normally spend time sorting through and inspecting candy before it can be eaten.   What fun is trick or treat when you have reservations about eating the candy?

This anxiety has given rise to more community and group support for Halloween safety.   One solution involves businesses and neighborhoods working together to reduce the anxiety that comes with traditional trick or treating.  Halloween presents an opportunity for companies to contribute to the community by working with neighborhoods, co-sponsoring events and providing a safe alternative for kids, eliminating the need to go door to door.  Neighborhood associations, schools, churches and other organizations are opting for other ways to provide a safe trick or treating environment for kids.

If your group is planning a Halloween event, visit us for ideas, business building tips, and custom printed Halloween items.  In the meantime, here are some non traditional ideas we gathered from iVillage Parent Soup for fun Halloween celebrations, designed to keep the little ones safe and sound.

  • Trunk-Or-Treat — This has been popular in recent years and it works like this:  Find a large, safe area like a  business or church parking lot or even a park.  Participants decorate the trunk of their car for Halloween and provide treats, toys and favors (age appropriate) to kids.  Then parents and children visit all the trunks.  Food, games and prizes can be given for the best decorated trunks, best costume etc.  Fall beverages and treats like apple cider and hot chocolate can be provided.  Here are some ideas for organizing a Trunk or Treat or view a video on a Trunk or Treat event that was sponsored by a church.
  • School Sponsored Trick or Treating — Let students trick or treat with their parents at their schools.  The kids can walk from classroom to classroom or at different decorated booths set up in the gymnasium, while the teachers give out the candy.  Prizes always work well and can be donated by local businesses.
  • Mall or Retailer Sponsored Trick or Treat —  Retailers in a mall, neighborhood or retail center can buy  candy and kid friendly treats and favors.  All  of the children in the neighborhood for example,  aged 2-10 walk around the mall in full costume and go from store to store gathering treats.
  • Neighborhood Association Party — Neighborhood and recreation associations  can plan parties at homes, parks and other safe locations as an alternative to trick or treating, with games, prizes, food and a costume contest.
  • Halloween Hunt — The hunt is structured along the lines of an Easter egg hunt, but it’s held after dark and instead of colored eggs, participants hunt for candy, treats and kid friendly favors.  This presents an excellent opportunity to hand out custom printed, Halloween themed bags with the name of your company printed on the front or back and possibly a coupon attached at the bottom of the bag.  The kids can use glow sticks instead of flashlights to hunt with.  Contests, prizes  and other treats make for a bigger celebration.

Use your creativity and work together to make communities safe and enjoyable for everyone. Visit our Halloween Headquarters for ideas and custom printed items for your Halloween events!


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