Garment Finishes 101

Now that the leaves are falling and the weather is changing, you may be looking for apparel fabrics that are thicker, like fleece and microfiber. There are a few garment finishes that you may also want to consider when shopping this winter/holiday season that will help your items maintain their good looks for a long time.

1. Anti-Bacterial – A finish or treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria. This fabric is great for items where the recipients will be involved in physical activity and sports. This finish will help to maintain freshness and durability.

2. Anti-Microbial – A term used for a garment that is able to resist, either naturally or chemically, the effects of microbial secretions put off by the human body, resisting odor and increasing garment life.

3. Anti-Pill Finish – A treatment applied to fabric primarily to resist the formation and accumulation of little balls on the fabric’s surface due to abrasion during wear. See Pilling.

4. Dri-Fast Advantage™ – Advanced moisture management to keep you dry, cool and comfortable. It even blocks the sun’s harmful rays.

5. Dri-Fast™ – Moisture management to keep you dry, cool and comfortable.

6. Double Dry® – Wicks perspiration for a dry-all-day feel. Disperses moisture for faster drying. Keeps body temperatures lower so you can play in cool comfort

7. Colorfast – A dyed fabric’s ability to resist fading due to washing, exposure to sunlight and other environmental conditions.

8. Combed/Combed Cotton – A process by which the short fibers of a yarn are removed and the remaining longer fibers are arranged in parallel order for a high quality yarn with excellent strength, fineness and uniformity.

9. Compacting – Process that compacts the space between fabric fiber pockets. This will prevent cotton shrinkage.

10. Microfiber – Tightly woven fabric from a very fine polyester thread, usually with a sueded finish for a soft feel. Generally lightweight, resilient, resist wrinkling and are inherently water repellent and wind resistant due to its construction.

11. Micro Fleece – Crafted from ultra-fine yarn, this lightweight, high-density fleece is brushed less than a regular fleece garment for a tight look, excellent softness and warmth. 100% polyester micro fleece.

12. Micro Stripe – An ultra-fine stripe knit into the fabric

13. Micro suede A synthetic fabric napped on one side to resemble suede leather. Short, close nap gives a soft, smooth hand.

14. Compression – Molded A solid, pre-formed molded panel that is created using compression.

15. Cool & Dry® – Yupoong moisture management technology

16. Cool Knit – A variation of pique that results in a different texture and surface appearance. It resembles a “waffle” pattern.

15. Coolmax® Extreme – Wicking performance fabric that moves moisture away from the skin, keeping people cool and comfortably dry all day long

Some of these are limited to the manufacturer and specific products but there are similar finishes across brand names.  When considering apparel, think of the function and extra performance that each these terms will represent for the recipients of your gifts.  They will help you to determine the best fabric features to fit the needs of your organization. Compare items and make sure they have these features.