Five Reasons to Give Business Gifts

Since the holiday season is here again, it might be helpful to look at some common reasons to present clients, employees and other important people with gifts. Business gifts are great for giving all year long, not only in December.  Make sure to select business gifts with the recipient in mind and include a thoughtful imprinted message. Show appreciation for existing employees, customers and suppliers and build new relationships with a reminder of your company. Be sure to read our tips for giving holiday cards and gifts this season!

  1. Closing a sale. Give business gifts when a deal is closed to say thank you and congratulations on a major purchase, for example for a new home, appliance, car or a major business purchase.
  2. Ending a project. During the project, to promote teamwork, celebrate the completion of a major phase, provide visibility, generate enthusiasm and show good faith, distribute gifts to users and project participants to say “job well done”. The end of a project is especially significant when you highlight overall accomplishments and contributions.
  3. To demonstrate good will on an ongoing basis. This option is not just based on events or holidays.  Gift giving should be part of an ongoing, year long business strategy.
  4. To mark personal and business milestones. Personal milestones include retirements, anniversaries, birthdays and promotions.  Reaching or surpassing sales goals, grand openings, the introduction of new products and services, company growth and expansion count as business milestones. A celebration is an excellent time to give business gifts.
  5. Referral gifts. Show appreciation all year long for customer referrals.  Referrals and positive word of mouth can grow your business in major ways.  Use referral gifts to encourage customers for referrals that turn into business.
  6. To say thank you. Thank employees, key suppliers, people who perform special tasks as well as those who contributed to your success all year long.

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