Drive Customers to Your Door (or Website) with Promotional Apparel

Whether you want to find new prospects or tout your new products and services, promotional apparel can serve as a walking billboard that drives traffic to your website, blog or social media site.  Promotional apparel (like custom t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts etc.) make excellent marketing tools that can be used to spark curiosity and interest.

A recent study by Successful Promotions revealed that a single t-shirt can deliver 365 impressions in just one month! Pair a t-shirt with a message that sends potential buyers to your website, blog or social media site where they can obtain more information or make a purchase! One t-shirt can spark multiple impressions of your message over a long period of time, which has the potential to translate to money in your bank account.

The key is in selecting apparel that appeals to your audience so that it becomes an essential part of their wardrobe.  When you look at the cost of an $8.00 promotional t-shirt, where the competition with other ads is limited, visibility and the number of impressions is high, it’s a great investment.  An $8.00 investment won’t go nearly as far with the typical pay per click program where the competition with other ads and the chance of false clicks is high, and the visibility and conversion rate is low.

When you think of all the avenues available in terms of marketing and communication like social media, websites, blogs, texting, tweeting apps and email, in addition to direct mail, postcards, sell sheets, posters, etc.  it can be confusing and overwhelming at times.  However, most of these electronic marketing tools are free or almost free, so it’s ridiculous to ignore them.  Paper communications are also very low in cost when you look at the cost per item.

To make the most of your marketing and advertising, avoid  looking at promotional items, electronic media, and hard copy marketing pieces as single, disconnected pieces of your marketing mix.  Instead, think of them as an essential part of a “marketing system” that works together to drive prospects and customers to your door.

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