Custom Magnets Stay Front and Center Long After the Event is Over

Remind customers that they need services, reproduce your business card for networking, or reinforce announcements and save the date messages for reunions, weddings and other special events.How do you remind customers that they need your products and services? Reproduce your business card (or design new ones) to hand out during networking events, inside direct mailings and during sales calls.

Reinforce announcements and save the date messages for reunions, weddings and other special events. Did you know that magnets stay on refrigerators, metal desks, file cabinets and other surfaces for an extended period of time in many homes and offices? Each time a potential customer reaches into the refrigerator for example, they see your message.

If you’re promoting a product or service, stay front and center in your customers’ minds long after your contact has ended. Magnets pack a powerful marketing punch, ensuring that your contact information is never too far away from those who are most likely to buy from you. Your design options are unlimited because of full color printing. Reproduce your business card, or create a new design.

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  • Reproduce Your Business Card for a Networking Event, Announce a Special Date or Give Customers a Special Coupon Code
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Customize your magnets with a photo, company logo or upload your design. The more customized the magnet is, the more meaningful it will be and the more it will stand out.

Use custom business cards as labels for creative gift giving for any occasion. Give custom magnets at any time. They make great giveaways for business and social events. They can double as labels for metallic containers and packages as shown in the picture.

Custom photo magnets are perfect to announce the arrival of a baby and make unique save-the-dates keepsakes for weddings.

Business Card Magnets are Powerful Networking Tools

If you’re promoting a newly launched product or service this exposure can be unmatched by other advertising in terms of prominence and affordability.

Whether you’re looking for a job, starting or growing your business, networking is a necessity. Include who you are, what you do and how to contact you to stay visible and get non-stop advertising for repeat business. Because of the magnet, they are much more likely to be used after your contact with prospects has ended.  Magnets are frequently placed in a prominent areas of homes and offices.

To get things off the ground with your start up or even a job search, take every opportunity to spread the word at networking events. To learn more about networking and building a brand, we recommend a book from Amazon that has received some great reviews.  It’s called Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future by Dorrie Clark that is available in hard copy and Kindle formats.

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