Cervical Health Awareness Month

If you’re looking for ways to increase your exposure while helping the community, here are a few tips:

National and local holidays and observances are great reasons to reach out to your customers and the community. Cervical Health Awareness Month serves to create awareness about cervical cancer and the importance of health screenings and regular checkups.

cervical health awareness monthIt’s easy to plan events for your organization, even if you’re not in the industry related to the topic. For example, you don’t have to be a healthcare provider to distribute general information and create awareness regarding cervical cancer.

Most health awareness observances are supported by associations, non profits and the federal government and they provide general information that can help the public become aware of their health and wellness efforts. Whether it’s a walk, general information or volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of ways to contribute that may be of interest to your customers. Your business can contribute by creating awareness. Everyone knows someone, a family member or friend who has been impacted by cancer and they realize the importance of getting regular check-ups.

T-shirts are excellent billboards for awareness messages because they provide a large imprint area to highlight your message. Business sponsors love having their logos added to t-shirts to create awareness and participate in community events.

Here are some great promotional opportunities:

• Dedicate specific days in January to inform your customers about cervical cancer using information from the federal government health finder.

• Start a newsletter or add a story to an existing newsletter with information about HPV and cervical cancer prevention. Maybe include a list of local facilities that offer free or reduced price checks and screenings.

• Jump on the social media bandwagon and Tweet about Cervical Health Awareness Month. Here are some sample Tweets!

• Create a flyer or pamphlet with general awareness information and leave it in a prominent place like your check out area, a lobby or at your station.

• Write a story on your blog and add a web badge from your cause to your web site so that visitors can obtain more information.

• If you have a brick and mortar business or shop, order custom t-shirts with a special awareness message with your logo or the name of your company. Hand out the shirts to employees to wear in your facility on designated days.

• Partner with organizations in your community to sponsor an event. Employees, volunteers and customers can wear shirts during walks and other volunteer opportunities.

• Kick off a year of promotional awareness that results in a win-win for customers and the whole community. Support a cause once a month to create awareness for your customers.