Breast Cancer Walks and Fund Raising Ideas

Custom Breast Cancer GearMost events will include refreshments upon check-in. For refreshments, consider using custom cups, napkins, bottled water, and shopping bags. The day’s events will usually include of course the opening ceremony and the walk itself.

It’s great to have a give away for each participant if your budget allows. If that’s not possible, consider offering a gift (like a commemorative t-shirt) to those who  reach specific fundraising goals. Consider incorporating raffles, contests, games and prizes to those who participate as well to encourage maximum participation and fundraising.

To offset some of the costs, contact local companies for corporate sponsorship. if space allows, sponsors could possibly can host booths and tables providing health information, offer give-aways, and make appointment for screenings to bring more value to the event. Make sure to include corporate walking teams with family and friends teams to participate in events. Post signs, flags and banners imprinted with your logo prior to draw attention and advertise your event.

Don’t overlook online and mobile communication to increase awareness, participation and fundraising. Make sure your fundraising websites are optimized for mobile phones and tablets!  Increase participation by allowing anyone who is interested in participating to register and raise funds online for the walk.

By incorporating information, empowerment and peer support, your group can provide support to those who face breast and other forms of cancer.  Funds raised from group and company sponsors provide resources for services like support groups, early detection workshops, wigs and prostheses for women with limited resources, as well as advocacy on breast cancer related policies.

Use custom printed items like banners, signs, t-shirts, visors, health related information to make your event a success. Contact us to ask a question or place an order today! We can help you locate the perfect promotional items for your next event. Please forward this article to family, friends and colleagues who plan business and social events.