Energize Awareness Programs: Ideas for Spreading the Word

awareness journals If your organization regularly plans health awareness events, here are some tips to energize your activities while working with community resources.

Partnering with local hospitals, clinics and other  facilities can help increase participation and extend your reach.

Generate Enthusiasm for Your Events!

To generate enthusiasm for health related causes and gain community support, here are a few tips. These tips are focused on health related awareness programs, but they can be used for any cause. The goal is to partner with other community resources to raise awareness.  Working with your local community (hospitals, schools, churches, women’s groups, mammography clinics etc.) will help to create awareness and increases participation.


  1. Contact local organizations like hospitals or health care facilities to find speakers who are experts in the early detection of diseases like heart disease and breast cancer.
  2. Partner with a health facility to set up screening appointments for women while they are attending your event.
  3. During an event sponsored by a local non profit or other organization, give out theme colored ribbons to symbolize support. Other items are also used to show support like t-shirts, caps, bags, and other practical items to spread the word in exchange for a small donation or as raffle items.
  4. Put your company name on an item like information pocket sliders, booklets or magnets that contains  reminders or messages of hope.  Donate them to a local organization to hand out to members during various times during the year.
  5. If you’re a business, give clients, employees and customers information that will help them lead a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Partner with us for items like banners, signs, programs, flyers, t-shirts, caps, bags, and other practical items, etc. to advertise your events that display the design with your logo and special message.

Plan your events now and order custom items as soon as possible for timely delivery.