Boost Your Lawn Care Business with Rain Gauges

Boost your lawn care business with rain gauges, lawn care, landscaping businessLawn care customers not only want their lawns groomed, they want great advice and a great looking lawn. Mowing is not always enough, because other issues need to be addressed.  A great way to grow your lawn care business is to solve their issues by providing guidance and additional services to help them have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood!

Solving problems for your customers is key to increasing sales in the lawn care business. Whether it’s eliminating weeds, enhancing curb appeal, or helping customers determine how much water to give their lawn, there are many opportunities to offer additional services and value. As Winter makes its exit, many areas enter the rainy season.  Rain gauges are a wonderful solution that you can leave with customers to make an impact. Read below for a few tips that will help you grow your business.


Rain gauges are a fundamental tool in home landscaping, and the perfect item to leave with lawn care customers this year.  A rain gauge measures not only rain, but dew and mist. They are placed in the ground to help customers manage how often they should water the lawn and garden. This can result in healthier plants and lawn by preventing drought stressed plants or over watered areas which may contribute to a slew of issues.

Over watering may promote shallow roots, which increases the plants susceptibility to disease. Of course, the amount of water needed by lawns and gardens varies according to season and landscape, but most require some water every week during the warmest months. With a rain gauge, homeowners can determine how much (or how little) rain their lawn receives which helps them avoid wasting water while giving their lawns the attention needed to thrive.

To assure an accurate reading, the rain gauge should be placed in an open area away from trees, the house and other outbuildings. Position the rain gauge twice as far away as the height of a tree or other object and be sure to empty it after every rain shower.

How Rain Gauges can boost Your Business

We provide high quality rain gauges with full color imprinting that will showcase your logo, website, phone number or any other contact information.  Whether you’re a new or established company, your lawn care customers will enjoy receiving an item from you that helps them improve their lawn and save money.

We’ve provided basic information about rain gauges that you can provide to your customers in tip sheets, brochures and instruction sheets. Make sure to print plenty of these so that you can hand them out to every prospective customer you approach. Have tips printed on your business cards as well.  You may want to do additional research online to obtain detailed information for your newsletters and blog posts.  We’ve also provided links to some interesting book titles on Amazon (below) that will provide additional information on building and growing your lawn care business.

Rain gauges (or really any promotional item) can help guide customers through each buying phase including lead generation, customer retention and loyalty, and obtaining valuable feedback that you can use to improve your products and services.

Here are some marketing tips to help you stay in touch with new and existing customers and grow your target audience:

  • Lead Generation: Research neighborhoods where your ideal customers live. Leave a brochure, flyer or information sheet at each home, requesting that homeowners contact you for an estimate or consultation. Leave a rain gauge (with instructions for use and lawn tips) with each customer that requests a consultation or signs up for service.
  • Building an Email List and Customer Retention: Provide a rain gauge to existing customers for filling out a survey or signing up for your newsletter. If you ask them to complete a survey make sure to give them an opportunity to provide 1) any concerns or issues with your service and/or their lawn, 2)  any areas of improvement and 3) their email address.  If you’re asking them to sign up for your newsletter make sure to let them know the benefits they will receive for taking the desired action.
  • Customer Appreciation: Reward your best customers with a rain gauge. For example, customers who have been with you a long time or customers that purchased more than one product or service,or customers who have sent you a lot of referrals, etc.  Make sure to let the customer know why you are giving them the rain gauge.

Boost your business with rain gauges, lawn care, landscaping service

These affordable rain gauges are available for purchase in quantities as low as 50 gauges. They will pay for themselves in no time by helping you gain opportunities to connect with customers. Whether it’s someone who sees the gauge in your customer’s yard, or your customer who makes a referral from seeing your information on the gauge, these items will give your company a professional look and feel and provide countless opportunities to find prospective customers.

Order 50 full color gauges (like the one in the photo) for $192.00 (including shipping and taxes) and 100 for $313.00. Contact us for more information or to place an order.


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