Boost Health Education Programs and Create Awareness

Doctor leaning in laboratory doorway uidThe 26 determinants of health are organized into 12 topic areas that include access to health services, clinical preventative services, environmental quality, nutrition, physical activity and obesity, injury and violence, oral health, reproductive and sexual health, social determinants, substance abuse, and tobacco.

These factors have a profound effect on the health of individuals and communities.  Learn more about the key health indicators on this informative pamphlet by the Dept of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2020 Collaborative.

When we think of health care, we normally think of visits to the doctor, dentists and other healthcare professionals.  But did you know that health care not only includes medical services received from doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics but also health information and support that individuals receive in locales throughout their local community. Information and support makes every day people aware of issues that pose a threat to their health and provides ways to manage and prevent disease.

Can Custom Printed Health Information Items Help?

If you’re a health care professional, an educator or if you plan health fairs and other community events, custom printed items are an excellent way to distribute information. Create awareness, provide important health information and visual cues that are needed to help communities take preventative action. They can be used to go the extra mile, beyond pamphlets and flyers that are frequently discarded after an initial review.

Help educate families on ways to incorporate healthy fitness choices and proper nutrition into every day life, which contributes to a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. Solidify your message with items that can be incorporated into hectic, every day lifestyles. These cues can serve to remind as well as provide important information on immunizations, screenings and appointments, giving the community tools to make better choices about their health. Tackle community health challenges and create awareness using our tips and custom printed items.  Visit our website for more ideas and items that will make your next health initiative stand out from the crowd.

Make Your Health Awareness Programs Shine!

Promotional Items Items for Health Awareness Programs

Leading health indicators have an enormous effect on the quality of life, the years of healthy life, and eliminating health disparities. It’s more important than ever for organizations and communities to work with health care providers to create awareness and provide information to reduce the risk of preventable disease in communities with higher risk factors.

Key Benefits:

  • Custom printed items can be imprinted with information on facilities that offer services as well as special messages targeted to members of your group. Promote services provided by clinics, doctor’s offices, nutritionists, fitness, and education programs.
  • Community awareness and involvement is critical in addressing health challenges facing us all These observances were created to provide opportunities to inform the public and reduce the risk of disease and premature death.
  • Fits into every day lifestyles helping groups learn, track and monitor information that’s crucial to health and wellness.
  • Banks, credit unions, salons, fire departments, home health care agencies, insurance agents, can promote goodwill by distributing information to customers.
  • Key Points and other products provide ways to track progress and important dates.
  • Magnets can be added to pocket sliders for easy posting on any metal surface.
  • Travels well, fitting into purses, wallets, gym bags, and other convenient places.

Order topics that include nutrition, fitness, blood pressure, diabetes, childhood obesity, skin and sun safety, senior health, controlling cholesterol, women’s and mens health issues, breast and prostate cancer, stress, expectant mom, mother and child health, parenting and more.