A Winning Idea for Exam Survival Kits!

Preparation for final exams can be a stressful time for students, but it presents a prime opportunity to for parents to provide support and fundraising opportunities for schools, whether it’s a college or high school.    One college organization created an “Exam Survival Kit” by inserting various snacks, a t-shirt, pencils, pens, highlighters, motivational stickers and study tools into a 22 oz stadium cup with a corresponding lid.   Each kit also included a short note of encouragement from parents. The custom stadium cup and t-shirt were in school colors and custom-imprinted with the school logo, as well as the library’s hours during this hectic study time!

Exam Survival Kits can be “tiered” to fit every need. For example large, medium and small tiers that fit the needs of various budgets and student needs.  Kits can include healthy snack options, fruit, cookies, hot chocolate (during winter break), cheese and crackers, motivational quotes,  highlighters, post it notes, index cards (available with custom printing), and a card.  You might even offer a discount for the purchase of more than one kit.

In addition to the custom stadium cups, custom printed doughnut boxes, pails, totes, and backpacks.

Give parents plenty of time before exam week, to select kits and place their orders.  The college in our example sent parents a flyer describing the Exam Survival Kit and outlining the opportunity to support their children from far away, with instructions on how to submit payment.  The organization raised money, the exam-takers received a boost of confidence and a hug from home – sweet success! This fundraiser also presents a great opportunity for local business communities who would like to sponsor the kits.  Their contributions can help to offset the cost of the kits. They can include their company name on the t-shirts, cups or other promotional items in exchange for helping  with the kits.

This project will need to be planned in advance (about 4-6 weeks for regular production and shipment) to allow time for the custom imprint, and receipt of order forms from parents.  Add more time if you need to have artwork created.  Unless you have a good idea of everyone’s t-shirt size, it may be better to buy a generic size (like XL) that will fit most or include the other non size specific items.

No matter how you look at it, this project presents a win for students and parents by relieving some of the stress during this critical time.  Visit us online for more information on custom printed items for your next event.


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