A Budget Friendly Fund Raising Item for Your Next Event

custom stadium cups

Free Refills Anyone?

Looking for a budget friendly fund raising item for your next event?  Durable plastic stadium cups are a perfect match.  Stadium cups make excellent souvenir cups because they go home with the crowd and remain with them long after the game is over.

It’s a great way to advertise the event and event sponsors. Did you know that in 2012, the average cost of a soft drink at an NFL game is $5.25?  If you buy a medium or large drink at McDonalds, you may pay around $1.39 for a medium or large soft drink depending on your area.

Your group may not have as many fans as the NFL, but imagine how much you could raise at events like sporting events, and other events held by your group during the year.  Especially during summer months, souvenir cups are a great way to raise funds while providing value to your sponsors and guests.

Souvenir Cup Projects: Things to Consider

  1. If your group hosts outdoor events like concerts, sporting events, festivals, walks etc. and you’re selling food and other concessions, souvenir cups would be a great addition to your beverage program.  It’s even better if your events are well attended, with lots of fan or community support you have a great chance with planning, to have more than one successful fundraisers.
  2. If your group has many events during the year, you have an opportunity to “test” the idea by ordering a small quantity of cups or by taking pre-orders to gauge interest. If the cups are a hit, order more to raise money for your favorite group.
  3. For example, why not offer free refills with the purchase of a souvenir cup to provide an added benefit for your audience?

How Can This Work for Your Group?

Use your favorite software to crunch the numbers, using the information from attendance records and current beverage pricing. Think of how souvenir cups and free refills will enhance your fundraising program. The goal is to add value to your audience and your sponsors, and this fits the bill.  Of course each group is different, and your results may be better or worse than this, but here’s a possible scenario below:


Souvenir 22 oz. soft drink $2.75
Cost of the cup* 0.60
Total $2.15
Quantity of cups sold 250
Total Profit $537.50

* Sale pricing for our 22 oz. stadium cup (doesn’t include sales tax or shipping). Stadium cups are frequently on sale during the summer months.

These quality cups are priced low enough that you can make a pretty good profit for your favorite group!  We have a variety of cups (including current specials) for every group whether you’re planning for a large or small event.  We provide free artwork assistance and low minimum quantity requirements making it easy to order for any sized group.

These cups are available with optional matching lids that snap on to help prevent spills and they can be ordered with or without straws.  Great for wellness programs, awareness, game concession stands and school spirit stores to raise money for field trips, scholarships, new equipment etc.  Order more than one cup color as long as the minimum order quantity (50) is purchased.

Not only are these cups great souvenirs for sporting events, they are wonderful additions to parties, company picnics, reunions, showers, golf outings, birthdays, anniversaries and restaurant promotions.  Larger cups are good for super sized drinks and refills.  They are also great for theme gifts and stuffing with goodies in place of goodie bags.  These cups are reusable for additional impressions per use for your advertising imprint.

Great for Other Events!

If you’re planning an event, shower or party for a smaller group, we have cups with a low minimum of 50 cups in 12, 16, and 22 oz sizes.

We have fluted and smooth cups that come in the following colors:  Red, White, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, Maroon, Light Blue, Purple, Beige, Grey, Natural, Pink, Teal, Navy Blue, and Lime Green.

Stadium cups come in 12 oz, 16 oz and 22 oz sizes.  The price includes a one color/one side imprint or one color wrap imprint.   Price DOES NOT include shipping.

Our cups have minimum order quantities of  50 (mentioned above), 100 and 250 cups.   Optional lids and straws are $.12 each.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

If  you’re planning a fundraiser or if you’re ready to get started, visit our website, or  contact us for tips and insight into finding the perfect item for your next event.   Make sure to review our current specials for more great fund raising items, and our articles for more information to help with your next promotion.